“The minute I met Vicki, I knew we’d found the perfect teacher for our group.  Her warm, welcoming smile and friendly personality immediately put us all at ease and created a perfect learning environment. She has incredible patience, a good sense of humor and lessons designed to increase our ASL vocabulary, improve our communication skills and teach us about Deaf culture – exactly what we were looking for!  I look forward to each class and would highly recommend Vicki as an instructor.”
Jackie Swanson

King County Library System

“Vicki Moseley is one of the top two or three teachers I have experienced in any environment.  As a beginning signer, I was concerned initially about how I would ask questions of a deaf instructor, but Vicki just knocks down the barriers, real or perceived, and creates a high energy, entertaining and very effective learning experience.  I truly looked forward to every session.”
Michael Hall

Astronics AES

Dr. Michael Rosenfield and I hired Vicki Moseley as our private sign language instructor. She provided us with a broader scope to our instruction and added another dimension to our lessons.  Vicki also addressed the concepts in deaf culture and created fun conversations.  Any opportunity to express our appreciation of Vicki’s professional skills and wonderful personality is most welcome.

Brent Hersey M.S., B.S.

“I learned to communicate with others in their language that has become very tolerant of the differences that exist in our cultures.  I believe this tolerance allows us to “see” and “hear” the people for who they are or are trying to become.  I would never have imagined there was an exciting, meaningful and contributive culture that existed within my own English speaking communities. Thank you Vicki for all you have done to refine my lifelong focus on communication with all my neighbors.”
George Bean

Astronics AES

“I have been taking ASL lessons for several months from Vicki in a small group setting.  Not only did I learn more conversational ASL, Vicki has shed light on the deaf community by opening my eyes to their concerns and experiences.  One thing I especially enjoy about the class is the laughter we have together while we’re learning.  Vicki encourages us by making the atmosphere comfortable and fun!”
Carol Brooks