Vicki Moseley, Principle

Vicki Moseley’s passion, focus and high energy presentation adds value to the workshops presented by Communikation Works.

Born Deaf, Vicky has first-hand experience understanding the Deaf and hearing communites. She is determined to bridge this communication gap.

A graduate of Stephen Austin State University, Vicky has a B.A. in Sociology. She earned a Masters degree in Counseling from the Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.  This is the first nationwide school to offer programs and services to advanced education for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Vicki also worked as a career placement counselor advising Deaf students in their transition to the working world.

In 1990, she moved to Seattle as a counselor for the Deaf program at the Seattle Central Community College. Her engaging friendly nature quickly made her one of the most sought-after counselors for Deaf students.

Seattle Diversity Works owner, Sara Geballe, chose Vicki as a partner and she remained the primary trainer when it was sold to the Hearing Speech Deafness Center. Vicki purchased Seattle Diversity Works from the Hearing Speech Deafness Center in 2006 and Communikation Works was born.

Vicki’s passion and skill to communicate between the Deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing employees or customers has delivered outstanding benefits. Her workshops effectively create respectful attitudes and deliver results-oriented training so the barriers are removed for positive communications.

Her goal is to brighten your day emotionally, while enriching it practically.  With over 20 years as a counselor at Seattle Central Community College, she is an established leader in the Deaf community. Vicky has served on the Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Services (ADWAS) board and staff for most of her 20 years in the Pacific Northwest.

Vicki’s ability to speak to an audience with style and grace, combined with her gift for maintaining an objective perspective and knack for understanding others allow her to shine both as a speaker and in private interactions with others.

In her leisure, Vicki prioritizes quality time with family and friends. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.