We offer customize training and workshops for human resource directors, business recruiters, deaf employees and staffing service personnel.
We have extensive experience working in communities of education, legal, health, corporations, non-profit and government.
Interpreter signing Sick
We focus to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing relations by knocking down the barriers and creating problem-solving strategies.
Fostering Deaf and Hearing Relations

Communication is the key to success in any business. Communication Works!  turns that key and flings wide the door to fulfilling the progressive, dynamic potential of your business.

Communication Works! energizes all the elements which are so vital to creating a mutually beneficial and collaborative environment between Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing employees or consumers of your business, service, or workplace.

Vicki Moseley, presenter extraordinaire, brings to life a suite of workshops through Communication Works! Born deaf, Vicki knows firsthand how daunting communication barriers can be. The skills learned in her dynamic and highly experimental trainings rapidly melt barriers and build bridges. See how improving workplace communication will help your business succeed!

Over 300 Northwest businesses and organizations have already experienced our highly acclaimed two part workshop series targeted at reducing barriers to work place communications between Hard of Hearing and Hearing employees or consumers.